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Best ICU Bed Manufacturer in India

Keeping in mind the most recent developments of the industry, we are vigorously engaged in delivering the greatest quality range of ICU Beds.

An ICU bed requires a unique structure as it address with very serious patients. Mentok Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. creates ICU beds which are manufactured with the use of the latest technology and ergonomics team.

Our beds for Intensive Care Unit are structured to render comfort, safety &convenience to both the patients and their carer. Providing both Mechanical & Electrical ICU beds we wish to deliver the hospitals a wide array of options to choose from.

Mentok Healthcare is a leading ICU bed manufacturer in India & other hospital-related equipment & most hospitals rely on us for the quality presented to them.

We allow you to go through the variety of models of ICU beds & pick the one that fits your requirements the most. You can even transmit your particular needs & the volume so that we can render you CIF (customer information file) prices for the similar.

We provide you the patient beds which are capable of managing any type of load & we even trade with an Electrical ICU bed in the event you wish to purchase those for your hospital.

Mentok Healthcare also produce a critical attention bed which can be highly useful in serious conditions & assists in progressing with treatment rather rapidly.

All Motorized ICU beds that we manufacture are structured with due care being rendered to particular quality features. Hence, it enables us to stand as the top ICU Bed Manufacturer.

The products that we make are tested completely so that we can be ensured there are no options of any failures taking place later on. You can see the type of outcomes you would get out of using such a prime-quality product at your hospital.

We deliver varied & professional ICU resolutions & you can get in reach for any such demand in this section.


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