Best Wheel Chair Manufacturer in India

Excessive cases of damage or disease or a disability can harm the ability of a patient to walk entirely. This can be physically & emotionally challenging &tiring for the patient. To relieve the things up for them and to render them their fair share of liberty of shifting, scientists have made up the wheelchairs. These splendid “moving chairs” help the influenced person travel in a freely method without troubling others.

But these moving chairs that we see today has experienced huge advancements, assisting its owner to shift & get out from it on his or her individual. There are even electrical wheelchairs available which can support the patient shift & get up using electrically controlled systems.

They have additional sensors, motors, GPS & circuits suit on them to make sure the patient’s safety & security at every times. They are structured with intense ease with specifications such as smooth & soft seats, cushioned head rests, stiff & strong controls able to resist load, foot pads to relax the patient’s feet, etc.

There are two core types of conventional wheelchairs,the self-launched ones & the transit ones. The self-launched ones render you the autonomous feeling & let you be on your own side, while the transport one needs help from an exterior party to shift you from one place to another, whichever fits your lifestyle & application, go for it.

These chairs are also made in a structure with lightweight raw materials for easy transfer ability & movement, reducing stress on the patient or caregiver.

On our online website locus, you can get not only a vast variety of wheel chair, but also those that suit your medium pocket size.

Making sure a wonderful deal of service, preservation & quality, we offer to you our elite list of products from Dermatology to Cosmetology equipment’s etc. Some of our electrically monitored wheelchairs are well-known to be the bestseller products online at the optimal deals ever! Focusing to relieve more lives day by day, Mentok assures you the best of the best.

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