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Designed and customized with the best expertise of skilled and proficient  engineers, we offer a wide range of Hospital furniture , hospital equipment , dermatology and cosmetology clinic equipment that has resulted in greater benefits and to aid patient care.

Mentok is a one-stop landing place to purchase any Hospital furniture , hospital equipment , dermatology and cosmetology clinic equipment online that is lucrative  and it offers the products which are completely suitable for delivering the exceptional and supreme  quality to the customer .

Mentok’s OT Table are furnished with the most recent medical Table ergonomic which gives an excellent Quality & suspends diverting shadows from surgeons head & hands.

Our motive is to deliver the best OT TABLE to our customer  & establish a long & healthy bond & this still enables us to stand among the supreme OT Table manufacturers in India.

Best OT TABLE Supplier in India

Mentok Healthcare presents the livable design of the online for the luxury comfort & automated control which is also an important component to upscale and provide ease to doctor and patient both .

These are designed by the proficient  engineers who keep a wide expertise in the field. We offer a vast range of OT TABLE which have resulted with the greater benefits and amplified care of the patients.

O.T. Table is equipped with imported electric actuators for smooth & effortless working of the table. It ensures the actuators working in a constant speed without any noise & is designed to run even at low voltage to carry on the surgery. Specialized for cardiology, orthopaedic, neurology, ERCP, laparoscopy and urology.

The derma chair manufacturer Mentok healthcare renders product specifications that make elements of the chair move without any barrier & gives a complete auto-control. For the best comfort of the patient, the chair can be moved left, right, up & down.

The use of featured materials and low maintenance necessity turns the chair fully ideal for utilization in the dermatology clinics of all levels.

Our alternative of colors , peak quality leather cushions, 180-degree rotatable command, flexible arm-rests and simple relocation characteristics makes these OT TABLE  products best for use in operation theater .


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