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Mentok Healthcare Ltd. offers the world class IV Stand which comes with the wide number of features. The luxurious and high technology IV Stand has been made in the way which proves itself being suitable for all dermatology and cosmetology And Hospital procedures. Here are some key components of the mentok’s high tech IV Stand.

Mentok Healthcare Private Limited One Of The Biggest Manufacturer Of all hospital furniture  and equipment , cosmetology & dermatology  instrument and in this category there are IV Stand,IV Stand SS, Folding IV Stand, SS Foot Operated IV Pole, Etc


Mentok has been the best manufacturer and supplier of all Saline Stand /IV stand and other hospital furniture . mentok is  reputed because of excellent product quality, friendly service and professional approach.

We comprehend that the core part of the healthcare sector lies in nurturing relationships with the patients. With our entitlement collection of hospital furniture, we make ready with supplies of concern spots with excellent & comfortable furniture that get hitched with the doctors, patients & staff members & persuade their relationships.

We ensure that our presented furniture is the supreme bet for sourcing medical equipment in India.Each and every hospital require the necessary furniture to operate properly, that is from beds to other medical furniture which are needed by any facility & due to this we are functioning hard to present the customers with the top supplies of hospital furniture.

Sense free & check out the necessary hospital furniture from us & get wide range of variety &professionalism of all equipment which are offered.

We Mentok Healthcare Private Limited deliver the superior quality of hospital bed and hospital furniture in India. Our motive lies on rendering the best pioneer attribute hospital bed, so that the hospital & patient both can be in win position.

We deliver solutions as per the need of hospital, so that they can get best cure of their patients. Our hospital beds are made up with the optimum metal & global technology, we update our operating spaces regularly with the most recent updates in the manufacturing technology.

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