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Mentok Healthcare Private Limited is a leading Importer, Exporter & Manufacturer of Medical Equipment’s.

We have been serving in the Healthcare industry for years. We are the manufacturer & supplier of Dialysis machine, Dialysis Chair, Dialyzes Re-processor, Dialysis Washing sink &Dialysis consumable etc.

We have been successfully fulfilling to the demand of various clients spread across the nation. We keep the large network of supplies in the market& you will see the equipment from Mentok Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. which is not only a smart decision for your patient & institution but also for the serenity of your mind.

Innovative, easy to activate drop arm specification. Self-storing, dual drop arms are easy for the caretaker to actuate & enables the safety, easier sideways transfer for the resident & caretaker.

The special rest device turns the patient to move the back forever from TV position to full rest. The vast, profiled seat & back, along with a comprehensive foot board give an improved level of comfy.

Inherent arm pads in the back render enhanced assistance for the arms during in Trend Elenburg position. Wall saver arm support caps enhance survival of the arm support &defend walls from damaging.

Easy to accomplish Trend Elenburg position. No more cables or hand grips, Trendel Enburg position can be operated from either side of lounger by a comfortable foot pedal. Higher floor to back height allows The caretaker to lift the patient up with less exertion decreasing the risk for a back damage.

Extra profound Trendel Enburg position angle strong, high-impact side tables sit rinse with chair arm to appropriately maintain prep materials. Comfortable to operate by caretaker.

We are transporting on a turnkey basis project for dialysis room structure & set up, we will render building & other technical support to enhance your existing area or new project spot. So, if you are in search of the optimum standard of dialysis chair or dialysis chair price in India, let us know now!

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