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Mentok Healthcare Private Limited is a leading Importer, Exporter & Manufacturer of Dermatology Instruments. We have been serving in the Healthcare industry for years . We are the manufacturer & supplier of Dermatology Instruments consumable etc.

We have been successfully fulfilling  the demands of various clients spread across the nation. We keep the large network of supplies in the market & you will see the equipment from Mentok Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. which is not only a smart decision for Excellent Results .


Mentok Healthcare presents the livable design of the dermatology  instrument online for the luxury comfort & can lead the cosmetology process in a well planned maneuver to upscale your cosmetology clinic precision and operation.

These are designed by the skilled engineers who keep a wide expertise in the field. We offer a vast profile of dermatology and cosmetology clinic equipment which have resulted with the greater benefits and amplified care of the patients.

Mentok keeps a wide range of expertise through years of practice in the field of manufacturing the products & equipment of dermatology sector and has manifested into the advanced stage of cosmetology equipment development along with this it keeps a vision of providing the high-quality products & services which always go best beyond the client expectations and we endeavor to grow with innovation.

The dermatology instruments manufacturer Mentok healthcare renders product specifications that make derma instrument more reliable and nifty  on patient’s face and cosmetology treatment . Mentok Derma Instruments are clement , merciful and out of harm’s way moreover prudent in all way .

The use of featured materials and low maintenance necessity turn the derma instrument easily grasped in an ideal way for the utilization in the dermatology clinics of all levels.

Our alternative of colors , peak quality of all cosmetology instrument, grasping command, swiftly used and facile  characteristics make these derma instrument  best for use in the cosmetology clinics.

Mentok is a one-stop landing place to purchase any  Ear Piercing Gun / Buy Best Ear Piercing Gun Online / Ear Piercing Gun In India    and  it offers the products which are completely suitable for delivering the best quality in cosmetology clinics of all scales.

Our whole span of equipment is tested carefully and quality examined before being delivered to the client so that the highest assurance of high performance and inconvenience free service can be focused.

So if you too want to deliver the best comfort to your patient, order now the peak quality derma products from the Mentok healthcare which holds the position among the best derma instrument supplier in India.

Mentok offers a wide range of derma product viz. Biopsy punch , Biopsy punch with plunger , Cryo gun , Derma jet , Dermatoscope , Mole removal pen , Ear piercing Gun , Stainless steel Dermal curette .



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