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Semi Fowler bed is used for a bedridden patient for a long time and comes with a good comfort and also useful for the well-being of a patient.

The Semi-Fowler beds have flexible back rest which can also be moved. Their position is similar to those of the regular Fowler’s position, including feeding and lung expansion.
We, Mentok Healthcare, manufactures Hospital Semi Fowler bed which is specially designed for every type of patient. These Beds are having special features for both like Patient’s comfort and the convenience of health care workers.
Mentok Semi fowler beds are designed in two section perforated beds utilized for knee rest and backrest functions. These Semi Fowler beds are equipped with easy lifting or collapsible side rails to ensure patient’s safety. Further to add ,Stainless Steel or ABS is used for the head and foot panels.
The Semi-Fowler’s position is a position in which a patient, usually in a hospital or Clinic is lying on their back with the head and torso raised between 15 and 45 degrees.

It creates a big confusion regarding the particular need as there are different types of hospital beds available in the market , it totally depends on the time to be spend by the patient on the bed. Mentok recommends it’s Semi Fowler Bed if patient has to spend long time on hospital bed.

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