Examination Lights

Types of Medical Examination Lights

Medical examination lights are used for local illumination of the patient’s body during diagnostic and major surgical procedures. Examination lights cannot be mistaken with operating lighting that is used in operation theatres.

Skin and other conditions need to be closely inspected with reliable lighting equipment that does not produce glare, shadows or other impeding effects. Examination rooms have lights that provide convenient ambient lighting to the room to make the patient examination easy. Bad lighting will interfere with the medical team’s success, delay the test, and even cause problems during diagnosis.

The range of lighting equipment in the market is huge. The shifts in technological and design specifications are the main challenges of selecting the best medical examination light for your hospital or clinic. Although vendors offer comprehensive details on the technological requirements of the product, it is still difficult for physicians to choose the right examination light. Here is the list of types of medical examination lights for you.

Types of Examination Lights by Mounting Configuration

  1. Ceiling-mounted
  2. Wall-mounted
  3. On floor stand

Types of Examination Lights by Technology

  1. Incandescent lamps
  2. Fluorescent lamps
  3. Light-emitting diodes (LED)

Conventional Incandescent lamps are typically used in residences. The rendering index is really strong in colour but has a poor operation life. The lowest energy consuming power source with poor luminous capacity is incandescent lamps.

In terms of the life cycle and luminous efficiency, fluorescent lamps come somewhere between LEDs and incandescent lamps. These are more expensive than light bulbs but typically cheaper than LEDs.

The most long-lasting and energy consuming, on the other side, are LEDs. While generally, they have higher costs, the investments are normally profitable after a few years because of considerable energy savings and long operation life.

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