We Mentok Healthcare Pvt Ltd is manufacturing distributing and trading in Medical Surgical Devices  Examination Bed And Equipment . We offer an Exceptional Collection Of Derma Chair In India .

 Fully Electrically Operated with Wired Remote Control Fully motorize chair operated by hand control remote for up, down, front, back movement and height Instead of moving back side, Flexible arm rest according to the position of chair.
Luxurious Mentok Derma Chair suitable for all dermatology and cosmetology Procedures Imported motor ensures smooth and height adjustments. The centrally located 180 degree rotation control maximizes space saving Easy to operate and practically maintenance free Luxurious styling multi position section couch suitable for all dermatology, cosmetology procedures as well as Hair Transplantation too.
Derma Bed Is Specially designed For Hair Transplantation. Its Is Very Much Stable And Is Made Of The Best Quality Product With Very Much Comfort .

Type Of  Dermatology Chair ;

1. Manual Dermatology Chair
2.Hydrolic Dermatology Chair
3. Single Motor Dermatology Chair
4. Two Motor Dermatology Chair
5. Fully Automatic Dermatology Chair

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