Hair Transplant Chair


Mentok Healthcare Pvt Ltd Offers Luxurious Quality Hair transplant Chair With Detachable Pillow And Have Best Results. It Have So Many Variants Like Colors And Design And Motors Are Available As According To The Interior Of Clinic And Hospital.


It is the harmony of function, involving the ive senses that help to create a comfortable patient
atmosphere. A platform helps patients perform common everyday activities such as reading,
watching television or taking cofee which help to lift their spirits prior to a clinical procedure.
The Mentok chair is designed to make a patient almost unaware of the procedure going on. It creates
a comfortable, safe and relaxing environment for both the patient and the clinical support team.
The Mentok chair facilitates a healthy ergonomic posture and is thus perfect for patients needing to
hold a position during a prolonged medical treatment.

Repositioning of the Mentok chair is very easy and the clearly deined instruction via the handset reduces the need for complicated staff and patient training.Clinical staff can lock the handset keyboard control by using a magnetic key thus avoiding unwanted movement of the chair function required
during some clinical procedures. (Optional) Quick adjustment of the chair into the Trendelenburg
position via one single button increases patient´s safety in an emergency
situation. (Optional)


1.Fast movement into the Trendelenburg position
2.Superb patient comfort helps during clinical procedures.
3.Slow electrical adjustment into all the seating positions provides added patient comfort and assurance.
4.Quick and easy electrical height adjustment allows ease of access plus patient positioning via a single button,convenient for both patients and clinical staff
5.Patients can also independently control and change their Mentok armrest positions, which
saves time of the personnel.


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